Books aka RTFM

RTFM, that’s like the one word you will probably read most when you start digging into security and how stuff works. So here is a list of the books I’ve read/am reading/have in my possession/use as a reference. I recommend all of them, it’s interesting stuff and it’s always good to read about the same subject in different ways. Oh and try not to laugh about some books that I bought like way back and have read.

I will update this list when I buy/read more books.


  • TCP/IP Illustrated volume 1
  • Modern Operating Systems (Second Editions)
  • Transact-SQL Desk Reference
  • Anti-hacker toolkit
  • The art of deception
  • The art of intrusion
  • Ghost in the wires
  • KingPing
  • Hacking Exposed Wireless
  • The shellcoders handbook
  • Exploiting software
  • Rootkits, subverting the windows kernel
  • The web application hacker’s handbook
  • The database hacker’s handbook
  • Penetration testing and network defenses
  • Reversing Secrets of reverse engineering
  • Crackproof your software
  • Hacker disassembling uncovered
  • Cryptology Unlocked
  • Web Hacking Attacks and Defense
  • Microsoft Windows Internals (4th edition)
  • Securing Cisco ios networks
  • Managing cisco network security
  • Building scalable cisco internetworks
  • Passport CCNA
  • Perl cookbook
  • Java network programming
  • core’s servlets and java server pages
  • The complete reference J2ME
  • The complete reference J2SE 5th Edition
  • Java 2 Enterprise edition 1.4
  • SCJP study guide
  • Intel Developers’s manuals & Reference Manual
  • The Rootkit Arsenal, Escape and Evasion in the dark corners of the system
  • Cryptography Engineering, design principles and practical applications
  • The book of PF (second edition)


  • Aan de slag met c++ (vierde herziene druk)
  • Basiscursus java
  • Basiscursus HTML 4.01
  • Basiscursus Delphi 6
  • Basiscursus Visual Basic 4 voor windows
  • PHP voor het world wide web
  • De programmeertaal C
  • tcp/ip sockets in C
  • Gestructureerde Computerarchitectuur
  • Java voor studenten
  • Assembler Programmeren
  • Netwerk beveiliging voor professionals

Online collection of reading materials

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