The process of a successful stack based BOF-Part 2

The previous post explained how to setup the environment so that we would be able to actually debug the crashing process. In this post I will try to explain the process of analyzing it and building a working exploit. So the first step is to identify why it crashed in the first place.

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The process of a successful stack based BOF-Part 1

n0limit his legend preceeded him but the real deal is way better then the legend! No, really this dude really helped me out in the process to making it work. When doing BOF bugs there is a HUGE difference between reading about it and putting it to practice. Another big thanks go out to KD he got me interested in this stuff again. I mean with all the web exploiting going on these days…you’d almost forget about the giant of all times. The infamous Buffer Overflow!

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Geographically locating phone numbers

Well this isn’t as nice as my last post about Geographically locating ip addresses but still this is highly interesting specially with all the LBS(Location Based Services) that are going on. LBS are usually based on companies and/or software which has extreme access to information able to pin point the location of a person. These techniques are often used when performing somebody is beeing investigated or when someone makes a distress call to 911(112 in europe). Before you carry on reading I highly apreciate feedback about my english writing :) so don’t be ashamed to correct me or tell me about any errors in my postings. I regret that this post isn’t as detailed as I wanted it to be…but then again I hate keeping information to myself for ages. So here is a first glance at this topic.

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