More wordlists…

Following all the recent hype about wordlists, her are 2 lists. One is a “sort -u” representation of the lists I mentioned in my previous post (excluding the huge 30+gig list) and some additional lists I’ve collected. The other is my list of “8 character minimum” words that I’ve composed from the previous lists. Enjoy the lists and happy cracking. You can download them on the download page. For the really curious ones, below are the names of all the files included in the “sort -u” list.



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Truecrypt, a variety of bruteforcing options

A lot of people ask the question: How can I recover my truecrypt password? Others ask the question: How can I crack a truecrypt container? So out of curiousity I went on a little investigation to know what the current tools are to bruteforce a truecrypt container. So here is a small compilation of the methods I’ve found to bruteforce a truecrypt container.

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