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Firewalking with nmap

Posted: March 30, 2013 in MemoToSelf
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uhh firewalking, what’s that?

To quote the original paper (1998):

A Traceroute-Like Analysis of IP Packet Responses to Determine Gateway Access Control Lists

Now that sounds pretty neat right or not if you usually only focus on open ports and ignore all other relevant information that a network scan can give you. The paper does a pretty good job of explaining the technique, so I’m not going to repeat that. Let’s just see if we understood it correctly by doing a manual test and then let’s see how we can use nmap to automate this. In case you are wondering why I don’t use the original Firewalking tool, it’s cause I prefer to not have a lot of fragmented tools unless I really need them. I mean nmap is a great tool and it just saves you a lot of time if you can just perform all (or as much as possible) of the network mapping with nmap.

Let’s setup a little lab which roughly looks like this:


So basically the attacker wants to enumerate the firewall rules that are in place on vyatta. As said, let’s start with grasping the concept of firewalking, by testing if we can proof the following configuration:



Posted: July 20, 2009 in kd-team archive, tools
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Some sources from the old KD-Team website. This time it’s a connect back shell which gets activated when a certain keyword is seen in passing traffic. The advantage of this, is that you can activate your shell without raising to much suspicion. One thing though…it’s buggy. I made this back in the day and never bothered to fix some things. AFAIK it works under windows XP SP2 if it doesn’t well…try and fix it. I haven’t tested it since a long while.


ICMP spoof

Posted: December 6, 2008 in kd-team archive, tools
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Here is some sourcecode of an old kd-team post. Sending a ICMP packet where you can specify all you want yourself. This source can be used for a variaty of stuff and well…just use your imagination.

The .c