If you decide to email me, please use something like [HUMAN] in the subject of the email :)

diablohorn [@at@.fake] (replace all [ … ] with a normal @)

For some odd reason wordpress doesn’t display it correctly so you can find my key here:

  1. diablohorn says:

    Hej Dude,

    Try to email me that works better then irc. Lately I’m a bit short on time and don’t hang that much on irc. I’ll stop by next couple of days if I find the time :)

  2. naxx says:

    hey man. would like to talk to you. havnt seen you in ages.
    hit me up in the nnc irc channel. wanna talk to you about a project i am currently working on.


  3. M03 says:

    :) where you been? would love to chat with you. shoot me a email or something. cool stuff you got on there.

    also hey forge!

  4. diablohorn says:

    Heya Forge,

    Yeah it’s me. Damn long time no seen. Where you hanging out and shit ? Anyways hit me up sometime on gmail, my addy is on that pastebin link.


  5. Forge says:

    Don’t know if your the same person from back in the day of DT and c0re but just saying whats up man. Haven’t talked to you in a while! Hope all is well. Got a bad ass site.

  6. Andres says:

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  7. harrys says:

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