Vmware workstation and “dragging” vms to a new window

If you run vmware workstation under linux you can just grab the VM tab and drag it to a new window. Comes in real handy when working with multiple monitors or when you just want to alt tab. Now for some unknown reason this is NOT possible under windows. Yeah you read that right, a simple feature like this seems to be OS dependent. There are some threads out there with people asking exactly this question:

But the answers are not entirely clear, seem a little bit cumbersome  or cause “in use” errors.

So here is the answer that imho actually works doesn’t cause errors and doesn’t require you to restart your VM:

  • Click Edit->Preferences
  • Select workspace in the left menu
  • Check the option that says “Keep VMs running after Workstation closes”
  • Close the tab of the VM you want to move
  • Click File->New Window
  • In the new window just use the library to open the VM

That’s it you can now open every single VM in a new window if you wanted to without errors. I admit it’s still a work-around until vmware decides to actually implement the much wanted feature of just dragging your VM out to a new window.

Portable (secure) (pen)test virtual lab

I’ve always wanted like online ‘memo-to-self’ stuff to stop forgetting how to set things up, so I’ve decided to create a category for it. These posts will contain rambling, snippets and links on how to do stuff. Mostly intended for my own use so they won’t contain extensive instructions on every configuration detail.

I’ve always wanted a virtual lab which is easy to bring along and somewhat secure. Just to be clear here are some definitions of the words portable & secure as I see them:

  • Portable
    • easy to transfer
    • minimum amount of files
  • Secure
    • easy to encrypt
    • easy to delete
    • network segmentation
    • central firewall

Secure is a relative term, since it all depends on how much you harden the setup. To achieve the above mentioned points I’ve chosen to use vmware workstation and vmware esxi as the virtualization software. If you ever decide to spend money on software, vmware workstation surely deserves it!

Since this post is partially a little idea on creating a portable lab and partially a reminder for myself, I’ll take a shortcut in explaining how to set it up. Like you all know the internet is full of really nice guides on how to set stuff up, so why duplicate?

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