Quick Snippet

Well with all the posting of wordlists, I haven’t had the time to actually develop any scripts. Sometimes “internet” really makes things easy. Anyhow the only thing I’ve done until now with scripting and wordlists is a quick snippet to extract all entries containing 8 characters or more. Just pipe the wordlist to it and save the output.

#!/usr/bin/env python
#DiabloHorn - https://diablohorn.wordpress.com

import sys
import os
import string
#import fileinput #uncomment if needed

if __name__ == "__main__":
 if for some reason it only returns single characters use this instead
 for n in fileinput.input()
 for n in sys.stdin:
 t = string.strip(n)
 if(len(t) >= 8):
 print t

More wordlists…

Following all the recent hype about wordlists, her are 2 lists. One is a “sort -u” representation of the lists I mentioned in my previous post (excluding the huge 30+gig list) and some additional lists I’ve collected. The other is my list of “8 character minimum” words that I’ve composed from the previous lists. Enjoy the lists and happy cracking. You can download them on the download page. For the really curious ones, below are the names of all the files included in the “sort -u” list.



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Bittorrent Downloads

Well I’ve decided to make somewhat of a download section, you can find it on the right. Since I don’t really have stable hosting(thanks to my current hoster for hosting my stuff though) I’ve decided to offer my downloads using bittorrent. I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by it. I like the benefits of distributed content and the possibility to share really large files like wordlists and virtual machines. Happy leeching.

oh and a huge ass wordlist can be found here: http://www.nomorecrypto.com/ I’m working on a wordlist myself with the only difference that it will only contain 8character or more words/phrases. Not sure if I will offer it for download since it’s composed from the wordlists offered by:

So maybe I’ll just share the scripts I used to create my own wordlist instead of sharing the list itself.