Welcome to my new blog.

Like some of you know I used to have my own website Unfortunatly life goes on and everyone heads for a new direction in life. Because of time restraints and the work it took to manage the website we decided to cancel it.

Most of the old content will be published here, just for archive purposes. The rest of the posts will be about daily security problems I struggle with or just random ideas I get in the middle of the night.

I’m off for some sleep, I’ll continue later on.

4 thoughts on “Changes…”

  1. What documents do you want? My backup is a little bit chaotic atm, but just tell me and I’ll search them and put them online.

  2. What about other docs on it possible to get them somehow?
    Btw thanks for your writings….

  3. Yes I canceled my website and started this blog.

    I am glad you are liking the paper I hope to post some more papers in the near future, I’ve just been a little bit busy with real life.

  4. Hey!
    I found one of your papers on ARP Poisoning on google. Then I went looking for your kd-team website in the hopes of procuring more information, but I found this blog instead.

    I haven’t gone through the ARP poisoning paper fully yet, but so far it’s good and easy to understand. I hope to read more from you on security. I’m new to the field and eager to learn, so it’d be nice to see something from you once in a while that will relate to my beginner level.

    – Jamaal (your first commentator, I think)

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