Three ways to hack an ATM

Please note: This is a mirrored post from a blog I wrote for one of my employers. The goal is to avoid the content being lost, since corporate websites are restructured and changed frequently.

Keyboard attacks, disk attacks and network attacks

Hacking ATMs, also known as Jackpotting, is an activity that speaks to our imagination, conjuring up visions of ATMs that spit out money into the street for everyone to pick up. The three attacks that we describe in this article are the result and recurring theme of numerous assessments that we have performed over the years for many of our customers. These are the (digital) attacks that we believe matter most and that require a serious look from anyone protecting an ATM.

Please note that hacking of ATM’s is an illegal action. Fox-IT’s security experts have performed these attacks with the permission of the ATM’s owners.

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