Opinion: Time is crucial when building secure components or infrastructures

Like the title implies this time I’m not talking about being able to ‘operate at the speed of an attacker as defenders. I’m talking about, do we sufficiently account for the time factor when we design & build secure components or environments? It seems that when we build we forget about security as soon as we start to run out of time, even if we talk about security by design. Of course this isn’t universally applicable, but I’ve seen this happen at various companies and thought, well let me write it down, maybe it helps to orden my thoughts.

When projects are defined and a time estimate is provided it seems to not include the time required to do this securely, unless we explicitly make security a requirement. As expected security is not made a security requirement for a lot of projects.
The funny aspect is that the time that we (consciously) did not invest at the beginning seems to bite us in the behind later on. Yet, we don’t seem to be bothered by a painful behind or even by missing half of our behind.

Maybe all of this is just human nature? We know that smoking is bad, but since the effects are not immediately visible we are unable to oversee the consequences. Same goes for not doing security from the start, we know the consequences can be bad, but we are unable to oversee how bad exactly.

You might be wondering about specific example to substantiate the above claim. Let’s have a look at some example, that in my opinion are purely a time matter and not so much a resource or money matter. Yes, you could convert all time to resources & money, but in my simple mind, sometimes just allowing for activities to take longer will save you a lot of time & money later on. The interesting aspect is that when I used to be on the offensive side it never crossed my mind to think that one of the causes might be time related, I always assumed that more resources & money would just fix it.

TL;DR: After writing this post I realise that we just can’t seem to find consensus on what the bare minimum security level is that should always be implemented. Which eventually results in people forgetting about security or resulting in security absolutism / perfectionism with the end result of rather not implementing security by default than running the risk of not meeting our (often) self-enforced deadline.

Do read on if you are curious about the examples that lead me to believe that time is crucial if we want to change our behaviour for more secure by default approaches.

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